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HOW TO SING "Speechless" (Aladdin Theme Song)

21 Sept 2021 (Tue), 8pm

Online (Zoom)

Fee: SGD$20 (Interactive) / $10 (Passive)

The 4th song for my "Challenging Songs Online Workshop Series" will be this classic theme song from Aladdin ! We have to ALL agree that this is an extremely challenging song, in terms of pitching, phrasing and power :)

No worries, I will teach you how to troubleshoot this song!

In this workshop, you will get an insight into:

  • the techniques involved to get a seamless performance (we will also be practising some of these techniques together!)
  • how to sing this song with the right emotions (and have them audible to yourself and your audience!! Cos what's the use of you feeling the lyrics so intensely but the emotions cannot be heard in your singing?)
  • how to sing the high notes better (or, without struggling too much!!)

+ session of AMA (Ask Me Anything) on singing!

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Reviews by Past Participants

(for "All I Ask" workshop)

"Fun and engaging session with good explanation of the various singing techniques and on how to apply to 'All I Ask' particularly."

- Shi Hwee

"I see that Jernice enjoyed herself with you (as usual). Surprised that Jernice volunteered herself to sing in your zoom class. Very good way to teach a song and as what you mentioned; very generous with the (teaching of) techniques."

- Jean Chua


Is there any age restrictions for this workshop?

Adults: Definitely suitable for adults of any age :)
Based on my personal teaching experiences, children below the age of 9 may have insufficient vocabulary and face reading fluency for pop song lyrics. However if you think that your child has good reading fluency and is able to read pop song lyrics well, he/she will be very welcome to sign up.

What do I need to prepare for the workshop?

Nothing! Just be sure to dress comfortably and have a good space for stretching and lying down too. Well, we may not need to, but just in case :)

What can I expect from this workshop?

You will hear a difference to how you sound to the overall tone and stability of your singing. You may also hear an improvement to your lower notes, and also find it easier to sing 'out', especially for the higher notes. Last but not need, you will be equipped with the skills too to get the right emotions out for this song.

There will also be a recording of the workshop sent to you post the workshop (accessible for 2 weeks).

What is the difference between an interactive and a passive participant?

As an INTERACTIVE participant, you will have pockets of 1-1 time with me (you'll sing and I'll tweak your singing!).

As a PASSIVE participant, you will observe the workshop and still learn valuable skills and knowledge just by trying techniques out on your own, and from hearing the interactive participants' before-and-after changes in their singing!

I can't make it for this workshop but I'd really like to attend it!!

You may still sign up for the workshop and I'll send you the recording post workshop! (accessible for 2 weeks)

I'm not interested in this song, but I'm keen to be kept informed of upcoming workshops, or try private lessons,

Yes sure, please join my mailing list to be informed of upcoming workshops, and receive specially crafted singing tips for my subscribers. Private lessons can be booked here.

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I just had my first lesson with Bevlyn and in just a short period of time, my questions about singing techniques were explained clearly.

She taught me proper techniques specially breathing which I always get confused and always had doubts if I'm doing it correctly.

The lesson was fun and full of laughter. She is nice, passionate and fun teacher who really knows the craft very well!

I've been a fan of her music and singing for years and I'm thrilled that I'm now taking lessons from her.

Thanks Bevlyn! Looking forward to the next lesson!

- Ernito Orsito

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