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My workshops are specially designed for the people of today who have a fast-paced life, and who would like the most efficient methods to learn singing with results to show.
There will be at least one workshop that caters to your needs.

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One the participants after participating in the How To Sing "Speechless" Workshop:

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I just had my first lesson with Bevlyn and in just a short period of time, my questions about singing techniques were explained clearly.

She taught me proper techniques specially breathing which I always get confused and always had doubts if I'm doing it correctly.

The lesson was fun and full of laughter. She is nice, passionate and fun teacher who really knows the craft very well!

I've been a fan of her music and singing for years and I'm thrilled that I'm now taking lessons from her.

Thanks Bevlyn! Looking forward to the next lesson!

- Ernito Orsito

Reviews by Past Participants:

"I've only had two lessons with Ms Bevlyn and I already feel like I've improved in leaps and bounds from prior to the lessons.

She is really knowledgeable and does not hesitate to answer any of my questions about singing.

Her explanations are also very concise!

I recommend any aspiring singer to have a lesson with her and see how big a difference she can make!"

- Joel Zeng

"I just came off my first lesson with Bevlyn and it left me in complete awe!

Firstly, Bevlyn is very nice and patient, a true teacher that gives the right guidance, and actively gives correct direction in technique.

Through just this one lesson, and just through changing my breathing technique, I was able to reach higher notes which I never thought possible before today, AND with such ease too! She took the time to also help me understand the mechanics of a few different techniques so that I was able to implement it correctly.

I still can't believe the results and I can't thank her enough!

I recommend her lessons 150% ! Thanks a million, Bevlyn!"

- Lynn Dresel

"I'm amazed at how much singing techniques I was taught in just an hour and how much my singing voice changed in that short period of time. Bevlyn is a really wonderful singing teacher who is really generous in her teachings like she really want you to sing well. She gives valuable comments and her teachings are also easy to understand.

Thanks Bevlyn and hope to have another lesson with you soon."

- Toh Keaira

Are you ready to put an end to the confusion, dread, and frenzy of singing or speaking without much knowledge?