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"Bevlyn was very clear in her explanations and was able to keep the class engaged throughout the whole workshop. It was a comprehensive session and every student was given the chance to sing and work on their voice projection and pronunciation. She was also very encouraging, gave appropriate tips to every student and immediate improvements could be heard after her suggestions were implemented. I would definitely recommend this workshop to any person who is serious about improving their singing!"

- Candice Loo

It was a good way of spending my June school holiday. Singing those songs I love namely Thunder, Let It Go, Dance Monkey, Roar and many others in the song list. They are my brother's favourites too! So much fun as we sing and learn pronouncing letters and words in a fun way. The lesson have reinforced my knowledge and practise for a good voice. I have gained so much from the lesson with Ms Bevlyn Khoo. Looking forward to learn and progress my love for singing from her.

- Trisha Aliyah

"I was watching on the side with my kids, I’m impressed with teacher Bevlyn’s enthusiasm and creativity with the kids. As a parent, I know that is not easy. Thumbs up for teacher Bevlyn!"

- Andreas Sugianto

"Trainer makes the workshop fun, was initially worried about having child sit for 3 hours. but all sessions were engaging and funny.

Fun and work elements in place to help my daughter enjoy her learning 👍🏻"

- Jean Chua

"If you have kids around this age group, do consider! Bevlyn is really very good at what she does. She can simplify very technical terms and techniques and help me to grasp them immediately. I really that think this is very useful!"

— Clare Wong

Improve Your Child's
Pronunciation +
Voice Projection


14 & 15 June 2021 (Mon & Tue)
21 & 22 June 2021 (Mon & Tue)


(4 short sessions per day)

10am - 1045am;
11am - 1145am;
2pm - 245pm;
3pm - 345pm

(4 short sessions per day)
10am - 1045am;
11am - 1145am;
2pm - 245pm;
3pm - 345pm

There will be "hands-on" component, cognitive training, quizzes to make sure that participants understand the underlying principles.

I just had my first lesson with Bevlyn and in just a short period of time, my questions about singing techniques were explained clearly.

She taught me proper techniques specially breathing which I always get confused and always had doubts if I'm doing it correctly.

The lesson was fun and full of laughter. She is nice, passionate and fun teacher who really knows the craft very well!

I've been a fan of her music and singing for years and I'm thrilled that I'm now taking lessons from her.

Thanks Bevlyn! Looking forward to the next lesson!

- Ernito Orsito

Are you ready to put an end to the confusion, dread, and frenzy of singing or speaking without much knowledge?