Hey there!

Do you ever feel envious of people who seem so confident and don't quite struggle at performances?

Have you been invited to sing at karaokes or company functions and felt panicky about it because you feel so inept?

Or are you secretly wishing to become a professional singer and yearn to learn the right techniques for a huge repertoire, so that you can start taking gigs as a professional?

Whatever your ambition or goals are, I will impart all the techniques and insights you need to bring out the best singing voice in you.

Only if you want it for yourself.

Hi I'm Bevlyn

I'm professional singer/songwriter, vocal coach (wife and mom) who's spent over 15 years helping thousands of people all over the world transform their singing.

With 20 years of singing experiences in corporate & wedding events and in pubs, I sing various genres including Top40s, Jazz, R&B, Classics, Musicals, Rock etc (in English, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, etc)

I believe in classical singing techniques to shape singing voices for popular music (and you'll still have a 'pop' sound don't worry!). I believe in knowing your own body to have control over your singing voice.

There can seem to be a million ways to approach singing but I assure you that once you understand how singing truly should feel like, singing can begin to feel less terrifying, more exciting, and so much more fun (especially with those high notes!)

Somewhere inside you is the maximum potential of your singing voice.
And I will

Bring Out The
Best Singing
In You


Discover the 7 Techniques That Can Transform Your Singing

Singing is a professional skill and it's not supposed to be all guesswork..


You can exhaust yourself trying to be impressive. 

I know—you want to cover your fears, self-doubts, and mistakes and get yourself pitch perfect. I totally get it.  

When we're on stage or in front of a room, what comes out of our mouths feels like it carries the weight of the world. Like it has the potential to make or break our sense of self, and the chance to impress the world.

What my students chalked up as a result of our lessons:

  • learn singing techniques from scratch, and have an efficient singing system
  • have their singing fine-tuned, with advice on what makes their voice unique, and what repertoire suit their vocal range and singing style.
  • gained insights on what work and what don't work for them as a stage performer
  • buffer them from potential mistakes and voice mishaps
  • improve on their diction and projection in speaking (byproduct from singing correctly!)

We practice and build their skills—which expands their confidence.  

But then I tell them something surprising:

It's not just all about the techniques.

And here's why...

Being technically 'perfect' are the foundations, but what keeps us going is the ability to truly connect with yourself, and your audience. That connection is what brings you the spring of joy.

So, don't wait another second longer to get there!

Discover How Good Singing Feels Like